Why are we organising Rang De Holi ?

1) The spirit of Holi is colour – rich and vibrant, flung into the air and smeared with laughter on friends and loved ones.  We have a large Indian population here that misses the tradition of celebrating Holi and this event will cater to this audience looking for a cultural and enjoyable experience while upholding tradition.

2) The event will feature dance performance by various age groups thus promoting upcoming talent and showcasing our rich culture.

The event will feature food from different parts of India. A gastronomic journey through the various regions of India.

3) The colours used are natural and eco friendly. In an effort to bring the community together we also strive to give back to society. The colours distributed by us are made by community women’s groups and mentally challenged youth in India. The sales support the livelihoods as also the livelihoods of women survivors of violence.

Come and explore this cultural and traditional journey of Holi. Colours of Holi denote energy – the vivid, passionate pulse of life. The event is open to all nationalities and races!